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When one starts a business, one essential thing needed is to create business cards. This way, one can put their name out there and let people know who they are and what they do. When people get these cards, they might not remember all of the details about the company, but they will at least have something tangible to look at when trying to recall who exactly it was that gave them this information in the first place. One can get a card made through business card printing services widely available and accessible to everyone.


The most important part of a business card is the name. One’s name should be written legibly, in full and not just as a nickname. Include any middle names, if any. The person reading the card must know everything about the person for them to trust their services/products.

A name portrays who one is as an individual, so make sure it encompasses the feel and identity precisely.


The title of the business card should reflect the job one does and not some generic title. If one has a vague title, it gives people less information about what they do, which makes it harder for them to know how to contact or find out more about the company. This feature simplifies the procedures and helps one understand a position to contact them directly.

Company name

A business card should include the name of the company, as well as that of its contact person and the company logo. If one has a website, it is worth including that URL and phone number on the card so consumers can learn more.

It is necessary to include both the company name and the individual contact’s name on each card—not just one or the other—so that people do not have to try guessing which is which when they look at their collection later on in life. The company name should be in large font in a prominent area on each side of the card to help with visibility. Use a professional business card printing service to help achieve the best results.

Email address

Be sure to include the email address, as one will want clients and prospects to be able to contact the person directly. Email addresses should be professional, easy to read, and consistent. Use a unique domain or subdomain to ensure that the contact information is simple for others to find. Include a link to the website. 

Phone number

This detail is a no-brainer; one should include their phone number on their card. This process will help prevent headaches on both ends later down the road when trying to reach each other by phone. If possible, ensure the business card includes a cell phone number as well – in case someone needs to get in touch on short notice or if their office phones are down. It helps them look for alternatives and find the company and the person in no time.

Social media handles

Social media is a great way to connect and engage with others. It can be used to communicate with customers, build rapport, and share information about the business. When creating a business card, one should include all social media accounts so that people can easily follow them on the platforms where they can interact with businesses. One can have multiple Twitter handles, Instagram usernames, Facebook pages, etc.—ensure including each one on the card.