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Spellbound is a brand new feature-length animated musical by Skydance Animations, boasting a star-studded cast and an incredible musical score that is sure to become a new family favorite. The creative director behind Skydance and former Disney/Pixar mastermind, John Lasseter, has teamed up with former Disney composer Alan Menken to create new songs for the film, making it one of the most anticipated animated films of the decade and a perfect choice for family movie night.

Menken, along with renowned lyricist Glen Slater, has composed a soundtrack with entirely new songs sung by new characters that audiences are sure to fall in love with. The duo also teamed up for one of the most famous Disney songs of all time, I See The Light from the animated film Tangled. The song went on to be nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award, and Menken and Slater bring that same energy to the ballads of Spellbound. One of the most notable songs from the soundtrack appears at the beginning of the film when the young princess is distraught by the idea of her parents being monsters forever. Director Vicky Jenson speaks highly of the song, saying it has the potential to reach the same level of popularity as the songs from Tangled.

John Lasseter selected Jenson to direct in part because of her previous work on the 2001 smash animated hit Shrek, and Spellbound offers up just as many laughs, poignant moments, and exciting adventures as the beloved ogre’s film if not more.  If having a musical and director dream team wasn’t enough, the three scriptwriters working on the movie are also some of the most brilliant writers in the industry. Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, the writing masterminds behind Disney’s Mulan, have joined Linda Woolverton, the creative force behind both The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. These classics set the tone for what viewers can expect from the powerhouse vast and crew. Spellbound offers excitement, fun, calamity, and meaningful takeaways all in one fantastical story.

John Lasseter has long been one of the most unique creatives in the animated film industry, having been the lead on Hollywood’s top family movies, including The Incredibles, The Incredibles 2, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and even as far back as Disney’s The Black Cauldron. His films are well known for capturing a multitude of different emotions and imparting important life lessons, all while delivering a howlingly funny and edge-of-your-seat good time. Spellbound maybe John Lasseter’s best work to date, making it one of the most highly anticipated animated feature films in recent years.

Spellbound’s all-star cast includes big names like Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow, Jenifer Lewis, Javier Bardem, and up-and-coming actress Rachel Zegler, who voices the plucky young princess who traverses the kingdom in search of the magic that will break the spell her parents are under. Audiences are in for a treat, with new characters and new music to sing along to. Skydance Animation also has new toy licenses for the Spellbound brand, so fans of the film can collect figurines, plush toys, activity sets, and other exciting memorabilia for display or fun.

People of all ages will enjoy the thrill and excitement of a magical adventure while at the same time gaining a new understanding of love, loyalty, and family relationships. And with beautifully written music, meaningful lyrics, brilliant jokes, and vibrant imagery on screen, Spellbound is set to become one of the classics in no time.