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The Wharfedale Evo 4.4 is a compact, lightweight, 4.4-inch 2-way speaker that features a slot-loaded bass port, twin woofers, and a midrange driver. It can handle a wide variety of genres, and the narrow dispersion pattern makes it great for home audio.

Twin woofers

EVO 4.4 represents the latest over-achieving tower loudspeaker from Wharfedale. It has taken the technical spec of its rivals and increased it by incorporating the latest in bass technology.

The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) driver, designed by Wharfedale, provides excellent detail and extension. It uses large amounts of air to move through the airwaves to reduce distortion. This design allows for a more airy sound with a high-quality amplifier.

Another feature of EVO 4.4 is its two 6.5 inch bi-directional weaved Kevlar bass drivers. These are lightweight and provide superior lower-midrange response. They also have reduced resonances.

A 2″ soft dome midrange is used for additional clarity and detail. This is not common in speakers in this caliper. In addition, the Evo 4.4 features a sophisticated computer modeled crossover to achieve a seamless integration between the woofer and tweeter.

As with other speakers in the EVO 4 series, the cabinet is curved and rounded. The acoustic output is improved by the radiation edges, which help to integrate the driver’s output with space acoustics.

EVO 4.4 floorstanding speakers are available in three finishes, and are made with a beautiful, rounded cabinet. They accept banana connectors for easy set up.

The Evo 4.4 series is the result of a collaboration between Wharfedale and the audio experts at Elysian. The new range represents the future of affordable, high-fidelity audio. While it has many similarities to the flagship Elysian speaker range, it adds an extra level of detail and transparency.

Wharfedale is a UK brand with a rich heritage. With more than 80 years of experience in the industry, the company knows how to produce excellent work. If you want to experience the best in Hi-Fi, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Evo 4.4 headphones or floorstanding speakers. Whether you use them for home theater or music, they are sure to impress.

There are also a number of models in the Evo 4.3 and Evo 4.2 lines. Alternatively, you can choose a pair of the smaller Evo 4.3 floorstanders or the more compact Evo 4.3 bookshelf speakers.

Slot-Loaded Bassport

If you’re looking for an audio system that has a deep and powerful bass, consider a Wharfedale Evo 4.4. It’s a floorstanding speaker with a bass port on the rear. The woven Kevlar cones deliver powerful and tuneful bass.

Aside from the great bass, Evo 4.4 has some other positive qualities. The cabinet design is nice and it has an excellent base reflex system. Plus, its impedance is low enough that it can be used with a good amplifier.

There are two 6.5 inch woofers in the Evo 4.4. They feature a low loss rubber surround and a Slot Loaded Profiled Port (SLPP) system. This makes them work in conjunction with the midrange dome to produce a natural lower midrange.

The curved cabinet gives the speaker a sleek and elegant look. It comes in a range of colors, including black, white and walnut. Each model also features a special stand. That stand, which is permanently attached to the main body of the speaker, allows the SLPP system to breathe.

Another feature of the Evo 4.4 is a specially designed circuit board. This board allows the outputs of the drivers to be spliced together. Combined with the upper registers, this results in a powerful and well-rounded sound.

Wharfedale is known for its innovative research and development. This includes the SLPP bass reflex system and a new ribbon tweeter. These technologies have been refined over hundreds of listening tests.

Overall, the Evo 4.4 is a good value for the price. However, it does require some time to appreciate its charms. As with any new audio system, you’ll want to get to know it well before you make a final purchase.

In addition to the bass, the Evo 4.4 speakers have a very tight midrange. That makes them an ideal choice for music that requires a strong, clean tonal balance. You’ll find that the Evo 4.4 isn’t as forward as some rivals, but it’s still easy to listen to. Ultimately, it’s a speaker that’s worth investing in over the long haul.

Aside from its impressive bass, the Evo 4.3 has a high sensitivity of 88 dB. And, it’s got a frequency range of 48 Hz to 22 kHz.

Narrow dispersion pattern

The Wharfedale Evo 4.4 is a large floorstanding three-way speaker. It features two big bass drivers beneath the midrange driver. As a result, the Evo 4.4 can produce deep, punchy bass without losing clarity.

The Evo 4.4 also incorporates a specially engineered Air Motion Transformer (AMT) transducer. This unique driver is designed to complement the dome midrange of the speaker. In addition, it features a narrow dispersion pattern. However, AMT can sound different off-axis, so it’s important to set up the speakers properly.

The Evo 4.4’s 2” soft-dome midrange driver provides excellent detail. Combined with the damped rear chamber of the dome, this midrange delivers a wide bandwidth.

Evo 4.4 has a high frequency response of 44Hz-22kHz (+/-3dB). This is more than enough to reproduce a broad range of music and movies. With a relatively low price, the Evo 4.4 is an excellent choice for musical enthusiasts.

While the Evo 4.4 can be a little on the heavy side, its 89dB sensitivity means that you can listen to music for long periods of time without tiring. You’ll be happy to hear that the Evo 4.4 is also very fast.

Moreover, the Evo 4.4’s bi-directional weaved Kevlar cone woofers and low loss rubber surround are able to deliver the deep, tuneful bass that you’ve come to expect from a Wharfedale speaker. Although the Evo 4.4 can be louder than many rivals, they’re still easily controlled.

Another unique feature of the Evo 4.4 is its downward-firing bass port. This allows the speaker to better match its acoustic output to the room. Conventional ports tend to cause air turbulence, which wastes bass.

The Evo 4.4’s Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter is a key component in the open soundstage that the speakers provide. The tweeter is specially shaped to ensure that the back energy of the dome is effectively absorbed. That way, the back energy is not reflected through the front surface, creating a more refined and detailed sound.

Lastly, the Evo 4.4’s dual 5” Kevlar cones are combined with the Slot Loaded Profiled Port (SLPP). This is a newer technology than the Slot Loaded Profiled Port, which has been used in some other Wharfedale speakers.

Midrange driver

Wharfedale EVO 4.4 is a floor standing speaker that has the potential to fill a large room with rich sound. It’s packed with technology and features an airy tweeter and a large soft dome midrange. These speakers also have attractive finishes. They are available in walnut, black and white.

The EVO4 series is designed to appeal to audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. Incorporating technology developed for the Elysian project, the series offers luxurious details, indulgent bass extension and impactful high frequency detail. This is all accomplished with a refined driver setup and beautifully curved sides.

EVO 4.4 is based on a special Air Motion Transformer (AMT) transducer. The transducer uses a unique membrane that squeezes air between individual “lamellas”. As the air is squeezed out, the membrane contracts in time with the music, thereby delivering low distortion and precise reproduction.

Wharfedale EVO 4.4 has two big bass drivers below the midrange driver. Both drivers are designed to be robust, with Kevlar cones for accurate bass. Each has a low-deformation motor system to treat low frequencies. A specially designed rear chamber absorbs and scatters the energy, resulting in improved detail and detail clarity.

The midrange is a two-inch silk dome driver. The dome cone is vented into a huge rear chamber. The dome is then damped using plasticizer coating.

EVO 4.4 is the biggest in the Evo series. It’s also the most expensive. With its fine tonal balance and scale, the speaker is an excellent long-term investment. Although the Evo 4.4 doesn’t sound as pronounced as its rivals, it delivers all the experience and quality that can be expected at this price.

The Evo 4.4’s crossover filter has been carefully designed after hundreds of hours of listening tests. The crossover has been optimized with exclusive computer aided optimisation technology.

This enables the speaker to disappear, allowing for a balanced integration of the woofer and tweeter. Combined with a fixed profile phase plug, it ensures a smooth acoustic roll-off.

The cabinet is an elegant curve and is available in walnut, black or white. The EVO 4.4’s sleek design is a perfect fit for integrated amplifiers, but it doesn’t lack the detail or refinements of more expensive Hi-Fis.